Let’s do this thing.

Undeniably yours is a generation under immense pressure. You are bombarded every day for your time, social status, notifications and most of all, your limited financial resources.

None of this used to be part of growing up. Of course you’ve heard of “simpler times” and maybe you believe simpler means boring. You’re not expected to relate. That would be forcing you outside your world.

Simpler times is just a remembrance for another generation. It is only mentioned here for clarity and to show that things have indeed changed.

These generational changes in hardships are the unintended consequences of technology. Phones used to only carry voice not your whole life in a data packet.

I’m not against technology at all. I work in it. I watched the birth of the Internet. Like most of my generation, we thought there wasn’t a down side to technology.

It still happened. You MUST have a smart phone, a smart TV, Internet and don’t forget, killer apps. That unthought of consequence was your time. Your ability to detach from the wire that made that phone on the wall ring.

This may before your time but for context, think of a time before wireless. It might sound strange but it really did happen.

While we were playing, we didn’t receive text messages or even email. Even answering machines didn’t pretend to be us because they didn’t exist.

But today, there’s constant connection with stopping play to answer a text. Checking email just because. That ringing in your pocket must be attended to. This is different.

All of this costs money. Just try and use a WiFi only phone for messaging. You would be tethered to hotspots and afraid to go beyond signal range.

While this MUST have item or commonly called a bill, is undeniable, the other steadfast bills remain. Rent, light bill, insurance, and food. Did someone say Entertainment?

So you see, your struggle is real. Balancing all of this AND starting a life as a real honest to goodness person.

Maybe you’ve been already working at this. I bet you have.

Your host here has been through it. I’m not going to give you a get rich quick scheme. Unless you’re interested in one. Just kidding.

I’m also not going to tell you that you must do as I say. You’re an adult or of that mindset.  Merely give you suggestions or guidelines that you can digest.

This post is to show you that I understand your difficulties. It would be selfish of me to ignore the fact that it is indeed more difficult today than it has been in the past.

I would like to help by connecting you with the past through me for not only a comparison, but for you to selectively choose what works for you to make your struggle somewhat easier.

Generations used to be connected. We have strayed. I think we might make a great team.

Until next time my dear replacements, Do try new things safely and always for the betterment of your future.

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