Here’s Why

Dear Next Generation,

Welcome back. I’m glad you’re still interested in becoming the best generation of all time, something I believe is your destiny. Your fast grasp of anything is power. Technology is your slave, as it should be.

But before we get ahead of ourselves, I should probably introduce myself a little bit more formally. Perhaps by knowing your host better you might understand also the purpose of these posts.

I will be brief as possible. You have things to do and I appreciate the time you afford me. So here , I present, your host.

Time has been good to me. Even though I haven’t respected it in the past. I have been spared the customary punishment. Usually a person doesn’t realize the pace of time until it’s done. That’s when the prescribed allotment is accomplished and no do overs are allowed. Your host is guilty of expecting one that will not be given. The punishment that I have seen dealt to others for this lack of respect hasn’t befallen me. I do not know why.

There have been others before me. Generationally before me. Those who choose to provided me with rare insights that propagated behaviors that I believe are held only for select generations. Not some dark secrets that no one could discover, but held clearly in plain sight.

With this knowledge I would be failing in my duty not to recognize a deserving generation like yours, and give what was given to me, to you. I do not deserve this opportunity to assist the greatest generation, but as I have been taught, I must.

Curosity should be your only driving factor while you read these posts..There are no mandates. Selectively and being in control of what you become belongs to the reader, not the author of this blog.

I will offer what I have learned for you to decide to how best to complete the cycle. When you are finished, I will be proud of your hard work and hope you think of me as I think of those that taught me how to teach you.

These knowledges that I have cannot be kept to ones self. It is the ONLY self imposed rule imposed on your host. It’s comforting to abide by it for me.

Thanks for reading the reason why.

Until next time; Do try new things safely for the betterment of you and your generation.



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