Yes Please.

Dear Next Generation,

Welcome back and Thanks again for allowing me to share my generation with you, for you.

This time I would like to speak of something that is dying. Something that at one time was overwhelming and maybe a little too common place. You could say it was taken for granted that it was to be.

Rightfully so, it became less common after that. But the bad part of this overuse caused the left overs to appear only with the elite. They had more power because of it. The sad thing is that it’s teaching was lost save for the elite who saw the value and ability to continue the divide between rich and poor. It became power.

The power over people was not fought for in battle. It was simply bestowed on the elite because it was no longer taught. They, the elite, taught it to their children while the rest of the population was struggling

When times are difficult, you make sure your family has what it needs and you may place less importance on the things that build elite people.

This is understandable and the elite expect it to happen. It’s not a trap, but a time honored way that keeps the elite, well, elite,

I say it is dying and it is. The divide is growing. There is no rebellion because this knowledge has not been taught to both sides. It is important that you don’t know and that you choose to not accept and use the elite way, It is only dying for one side.

The powerful ones make sure their offspring are taught dignity and respect to others. This does not imply that they are less than anyone but that they need everyone for their own success. They are taught that in order to command an army, you must first have their respect and trust. To receive their respect you must show respect.

The little leaders are first taught to respect their parents. This is the strongest foundation for respecting and receiving respect. With this ingrained in them, they dazzle all they encounter with perfected “May I?” and “Thank You Sir”.

As they move through life, they hone these traits and quickly realize the power it affords them. They also see how others don’t draw on these simple powers. Because they were molded so early, this has no peer pressure affect. In fact the opposite happens, they see the reason for the lessons and become more distant from those that don’t show respect. They get that someone that doesn’t show respect, has no respect for themselves and might not be of good stock.

Here in lies the creation of the separation.  The small difference between showing respect and not doing so, naturally separates people like oil and water.

The really unique aspect of this is that the elite doesn’t hide it. They couldn’t because it’s a verbal tool. It could be adopted by both sides but isn’t.  It’s free to use.

Might there be a time when everyone used this power? Well in the beginning of this post, I mentioned that there was indeed a time when it was used excessively and no, not everyone was a leader. It was common place and the elite had to find other ways to be different.

They have always chosen something rare to mark their place. In that time it was education. It was uncommon to be literate, so they were. Today, that’s common.

Today, we’ll you know what it’s like out there and maybe you can now understand this post.

Thank you for your time in reading “Yes Please”.

Until next time my dear replacements; do try new things, safely. For the betterment of you and your generation.

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