I Didn’t Know.

Dear Next Generation,

Nice to see you again and thanks for spending some time with me.  This OldSoul would like to talk about something easy in this post. Well at least it’s something easy for me to share.

This will be one of many posts that teach a lesson. I promise to focus on reason and guidance. Using the standards created by this blog, there will be no required behavior for reading this. You are in control with what you do with this information. I am happy you are allowing me to offer an option for the outcome of your life. So for a moment, think on this.

When we move through life, we run into people. Some by choice, others by chance. All of them requires interaction of some sort. Those people are sometimes complete strangers.

For this time that you allow me, we are going to talk about how they see you instead of your private view of them.

Your first encounter is with a convenience store clerk. You have picked your favorite treat and bring it to the register. The clerk is distracted and doesn’t notice you.  The clerk is doing tasks the boss expects to be completed this shift. He is not happy with this extra workload.  He realizes a customer is ready to pay and shifts tasks. After scanning the perfect treat he finally brings his gaze to you.

Already feeling under payed and under appreciated, his face is devoid of friendliness as he repeats what’s on the register total.

Today had started off especially difficult for him. The mail brought grief, he was almost late for work because of traffic, his girlfriend was again angry with him and now he has this extra work to finish today.

He was still thinking of all this hardship when he hears, “How are you?” from you as this interaction gets face to face.

He’s heard this politeness before and shrugs it off as shallow niceness. But as he repeats the required return phrase of “Fine”, he looks at your face that backs up the question with a genuine smile.

For a moment, he forgot about traffic and mail and extra work. Especially when you ask how his day was going. He didn’t feel right to just start complaining about what now seems less difficult. He had to respond positive and felt better because of it.

The smile from you that followed his response of “Not bad”, be it somewhat untrue, caused one of his own.

You  left but didn’t take everything with you. What remained was a clerk that felt differently and possibly could make it through this day.

You got the treat you came for and the store got an atmosphere of hope.

Too simplistic? May I try another?


This time you are driving to work. Thoughtfully, you gave yourself plenty of space to be on time for work. Only this day is different because a car behind you is obviously impatient with your safe driving skills. This driver gets too close for your comfort and is trying to get around you.The pushy car speeds past you in an unsafe way and you are happy that you aren’t pressured to go faster anymore. As you size up the rushing car, you say _____________.

Hold that thought.

Now let’s shift the point of view to that driver that just sped past you. For a little bit, think from his eyes. Ok?

And he sees you;

Why is she just doing the speed limit? Get out of the way! Pull over or turn or something! Oh God, Please move! I can’t get around you.

Finally! She turned! Oh my God, I’m not going to make it. The heck with that yellow light, I’m going!

I made it! Figures, no space to park. This will have to do. Why is this place so hard to figure out? There it is.

Can you tell what room she’s in? Thanks, where’s the elevator? Thanks.

This thing is so slow, I should have taken the stairs. There’s the door, move aside nurse, I’m going in.

Nurse: “Sir, You can’t go in there.”

I have to, I’m …..

Nurse: “Oh I see. Please come with me.”

No, I’m going in there. I must see her, I promised! Get out of the way!

Nurse: “Please sir, come with me.”

NO! God no! Why is this doctor not looking at me when he speaks? 

She What!!! You’re lying! I have to see her! I need to see her! I tried to be here, STOP telling me this!

Doctor: “I’m sorry.”


Let’s shift the view point back to you, Alright?

The pushy car speeds past you in an unsafe way and you are happy that you aren’t pressured to go faster anymore. As you size up the rushing car, you say _____________.

I’m not going to put words in your mouth, but somehow I think your fill-in-the blank is different. Don’t feel guilty, feel human.  You couldn’t have known that drivers situation. You are only human for what you thought. Not a soul blames you for natural reactions.

I’m sorry. That was unfairly written. I just wanted to pry an example out of a possible situation. It could have happened.

The point? You can never know what others are going through. They might seem total rear-holes and can possibly interfere with your plans. You can choose to pass judgment or you can hold off until more information is available.

The Options? Before you re-act, consider other worlds. Your world is yours. Other living souls have their own world. The two will always be different. That overlap is the interaction between you and a stranger. They could be the kindest of kind or the evilest of the vile. Let their world bounce off your world receiving a little bit of better. It’s contagious.

Remember. I will never tell you that you must do this, NEVER! You have a spirit that has free will. Free means free. Think on it. Take what you want or leave it whole.

My world has bumped into yours.


Until next time Dear Replacements; Do try new things safely for the betterment of you and your generation. One that I know is the greatest of all generations.


Recommended reading:

Beggars by Chris Nicholas

You will enjoy this post by Chris as I did and it will help you on your journey to replace me.


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