Charity – Contagion Given

Dear Next Generation,

I’m so glad you’ve chosen to spend a little of your time with me. I respect that. I hope things are going well with you and your generation. You are doing amazing things.

I’d like to offer a little something to make things a bit more enjoyable.

When I last wrote you, I shared another idea that helps me. I hope it gave you some things to expand your horizons to a higher level. It’s my goal to show you things that you might not be exposed to and help in any way I can.

So this time that I have with you, I’d like to show you how Charity can be contagious. Almost like a disease, but with benefits for all.

I’m not talking about writing a check to an organization devoted to a cause. That’s  too institutional. Also, I’m not advocating against them. I’d like to talk about smaller things that can fit in our lives. Something you can repeat and notice.

For an example, hold a door open for others. You’ll get a Thank You and a smile but wait for the contagious effect. At some point you have to let yourself in through that door. Go on through but just as you pass through it, look back. There will be another door holder like you, getting smiles and Thank You’s, as you did.

I have to ask, where did they get that idea? Could it be that you were an example? Maybe so. What if nobody held a door? Would anyone be inspired to do so? It’s left to those that have it built in. And how long does it last? If you were blessed with the time to observe that, you would see it always fades until someone else comes along and gets it going again.

Maybe you can see there’s a possibility that if nobody ever offered to hold a door, no one else would ever think about it. All doors would be closing on the next soul. It could happen.

Holding a door is a really small gift to that next person. I mean really small. That’s why it fades until someone else starts it up again. But no matter how small, it’s still a gift of not needing to pull that door and receiving a smile while passing through.

What about other gifts, any gifts? Charity is the act of giving. I showed that holding a door is a gift, be it small, it doesn’t matter. The act of giving something that comes from you shows others something they may have not seen. They feel happy from it and might choose to try it.

Could they ever get that idea on their own? Perhaps but you can see how it can die, or conversely, how it can be spread. If someone doesn’t show charity, then it doesn’t exist. Even the ones with it built may begin to ask why bother. It quickly becomes everyone for themselves. That’s a very cold place.

I wouldn’t want you to live there. That place can be exceptionally difficult. It does require a little gift here and there to lift spirits and for a while, provide hope.  There are those that depend on giving because they’re in a hard place. They get a chance because of someone who decided to give a piece of themselves. A kind word or even holding a door is a way to bring warmth to a cold and harsh reality.

If this dies, society might too. Not just because some depend on giving, but because those that don’t need it will also become cold. If you’re treated badly or with indifference, you begin to believe this is the way.

Let me show you another way to see the importance of giving something as simple as respect that another is alive;

In a study of infants in an orphanage, they actually divided the group into separate study groups. One group of infants received loving and attention. The other group was ignored and not showen loving or any attentive human interaction. The first group that received attention, prospered and grew healthy. Some of those babies in the second group actually died. The rest were were weak and needed additional care.

Charity goes against basic survival instincts. How it started doesn’t matter, only that society has benefited immensely from it.

So it must continue and can so through you.

Remember, this is just a possibility for you to choose. There is no mandate. What ever you choose, it is yours to decide.

Good luck in your endeavors and if I can ask a favor, think on this. You make great choices and let one be how you show charity.

Until next time; Do try new things safely for the betterment of you and your generation.

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