Good As Gold – A Tangible Intangibility

Dear Next Generation,

I hope this letter finds you in good health and happiness. It has been a short while that I last wrote you. I just felt the need to say that I will try in a meaningful way, to give you guidance in the form of suggestions or by example. I will not be demanding, long suffering, or disappointed in your choices. This, I give you my word on it.

Now what does that mean to you, “give my word on it”?

Do you have something that you can take home and touch because I said that? Something that assures you that I am not lying? Have you thought about what this phrase means?

Lots of people use it but does it really mean something anymore? How many times has a sales person or politician or even a friend used it and it didn’t hold water (come true)?

There was a time when it was stronger than a triple dog dare. It could even lead to blows if someone didn’t honor their word. It was as powerful as a handshake that closed a deal.

So when it was a meaningful saying, people that didn’t hold water (not trustworthy), couldn’t tell you something and back it up with a spoken guarantee and had noodle handshakes.

Those that did hold water could offer to buy a highly demanded thing that there was only one available, and say on his word that he would return and purchase it. Do you know what happened? The merchant held it.

Why? He could have easily sold it to the next inquisitor and be done. But he didn’t. Instead he trusted the word giver.

You couldn’t do that today, could you. Why?

That was rhetorical, I’m old but I know what you know, you can’t trust people on their word anymore. But, I must antagonize you on this, why can’t you?

It seems that the importance of trust isn’t so important anymore. Now there has to be hard proof of your convictions before a transaction can be made. You must provide everything except your word to secure a loan, sometimes even your first born if you haven’t been very trustworthy in the past.

That’s a little joke by the way. No one wants your first born for that car.

So isn’t it a sad state of affairs we now find ourselves in? No one trusts anyone. I’m sure that in your interaction with people, you have learned, or have been taught to just not trust. Giving ones word is no longer respected because maybe people haven’t been respectable. Maybe this is why giving your word today is about as strong as offering your annoying sibling as collateral. It no longer carries water.

That was another joke, but I know you can see what I mean.

I’m not suggesting that you go out foolhardy and trust everyone. I merely bring this up as a suggestion for you to build yourself up to a believable word giver and repopulate that time when everyone had it.

Wouldn’t that be a kinder place? Your generation has this ability to change the world. The best place to start is with you. Therefore I show you these things.

Thanks for reading “Good As Gold – A Tangible Intangibility”.

Until next time, do try new things safely for the betterment of you and your generation.

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