One Day There Will be….

Dear Next Generation,

I am writing to you from my travels and I have a break here in Michigan before I return home. I have been thinking about you. When I work away from home, I encounter many people of various generations. I see the very old and the little ones. I see so many others in between. They are each so different and unique  I find them all fascinating.

Out of all those, I’m mostly interested in yours, my replacement generation.  You are the most amazing one of all. I admit, I’m a tad bit biased because of your place in the cycle but so be it.

Some of those others that I see are the ones that will replace you.

I know that may be a frightening thought but you can’t escape it and I don’t want to bring heavy thoughts to you. After all, you’re making me proud of your achievements and I see that sets  you apart from those others I see. Keep it up.

But I need to point out that there will be an entire new group of faces, thoughts and ideas that will follow you when you’re finished here. This brings me to the reason for this letter.

As I was thinking about you, I thought how would you feel about your replacements? I also wondered if you’ve thought about this. Each of us can easily get caught up in day to day trappings which creates a small universe around us.

I spend a lot of my pen and ink on you, about you.  I think you know how I feel about you as I enjoy sharing what I’ve experienced with you. This time, can we look ahead a bit, just to expand our created universe?

You can think about the things that I worry about for you, and use to compare your thoughts to your replacements. However, that generation is yours, not mine. You are my replacements and the manor that I use to show you things to help, things to think about or contemplate are the way I do things.

You are going to be the greatest generation ever and in doing so will be looked on for guidance from below you. Yes, they will want to be like you or at least achieve what you have. The way that you choose to guide or help them is uniquely you  even though you can borrow from me. I would be honored but I know your creativity and intelligence will perfect the way.

So maybe now is a good time to think about your next generation. What will they learn from you? Will they be exactly like you? Will they do things the way you did? Will they make  the same mistakes you did?

Well I know you have already said the answers to those questions before I finished putting them to paper and you’re correct. They are going to be different, as they should be. They, like you to me, are not clones. I’m happy that you’re replacing me, are you happy they’ll be replacing you?

This generation replacing generation thing has been around for a little bit. You won’t be the last generation to foster a next great generation. You will do great and they will benefit enormously from you.

I am extremely lucky having you for my replacements and I am sure you will grow to love yours.

I hear them calling my boarding place so I must leave you for now.

Until next time Dear Next Generation; Do try new things safely for you and your generation, and possibly your Next Generation.

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