You Promised College Would Make It Better

Dear Next Generation,

It has been a little while that I last wrote you, and I am sorry for that. It’s not that I haven’t thought about you, I sometimes lose control over my time.

So much has happened since our last correspondence but I’d like to pick out one thing that you’re interested in. So this question of the validity of college came up when I was talking with one of you.

It is a valid question because certain generations pushed it as if it were required life duties. So to be clear, I do agree with what they pushed, however certain higher education facilities have taken advantage of the fact that is was fostered by a generation. Colleges didn’t have to market their services and upcoming generations just assumed they had to do it.

This is where capitalism can run off the rails. People flock to a business and that business no longer needs to impress to get customers. This causes poor services to be acceptable. A rule of capitalism is to ensure the customer gets the best quality product or they can just go somewhere else. Then that lackluster company dies.

I would like for you to understand that you’re still the customer. You still have the power of choice. In fact, some are finding their way without a college degree. Something that flys in the face of forced wisdom.

Understand that going it alone, as I’ll call it, without a degree is still much more difficult and I’m certainly not advocating that. Please don’t. You weren’t lied to. College can help.

So how do you rein in those sky rocking fees?

Be a customer instead of just a student. This bill you will face after that professor who might be kicked out of a high school teaching job, rambles through the semester, will still come due.

This class is your purchase. Are you satisfied with the product? If not, why do you return to that seat and allow poor service to be fed to you? Yes you are there to learn and yes you may not know what is quality while being taught.

But! I know you, and I know you can tell a snake oil salesmen from an instructor that means to help you. You’ve told me that you have sat through classes that were nothing more than a place holder. You still will have to pay for that.

I know that you may not have the confidence to confront your counselor about a bad professor but I guarantee this, when the bill comes due you’ll wish you had.

Again, college is a good thing. It can teach you to learn as it should be doing. It also is supposed to help you prepare for your next step in life.

This is what I am writing to you today about. What you get out of college is as powerful as what you seek. Let no councilor or professor stand in your way. Take the knowledge that you are paying for this and if the product doesn’t fit your desires, hammer them for something better. Use the power of the purse to demand that they provide the information that you are willing to pay for.

For too long now, students have just accepted that the college knows better. It is assumed that all that passed through those halls before, became successful because of it. Nothing could be farther from the truth. The only truth here is that they all came away owing a small fortune.

Remember, colleges are businesses no different than McDonald’s. They both seek profit. If you don’t demand quality, they won’t provide it.

Too many college bound students assume that the price of admission means guaranteed success just because of its name. That used to be true but no longer. They have abused their name for the sake of profit. If an expensive marbled hall doesn’t feel it’s necessary to make sure you receive the best product available, a linoleum hall is already doing that.

Choose wisely. Demand quality for your future bill. If all students did this, higher education would once again be higher.

Until next time Dear Next Generation, Do try new things safely for you and your generation. And demand the best!

In a future letter, I’d like to tell you want employers want in new hires. It may help you understand how your purchase today and the way you use it can determine the outcome of that interview.

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