A Little Piece Of Sunshine

Dear Next Generation,

I write to you today with an extra special feeling of pride. I hope this letter finds you happy and successful, as you should be. When the greatest generation finishes the work you started, you can relax and watch your next generation grow. I am amazed with your work.

I had to write to you because of an encounter that  I had the pleasure of being a part of. You were there and made me so proud that I just wanted to tell you how you made me feel.

Your generation has always had a special place in my heart. You will be replacing me for the betterment of all around you. I know this. I always have.

But today in my interaction with you, I feel justified when I say I’ve witnessed the greatest  generation taking over, ever to have happened.

So I was approaching a store, about to enter. There were  three people ahead of me and as we got to the door, you pulled it open and allowed them to pass.

I arrived last and wanted to hold the door for you. Instead, I received a giant and warm smile with a soft gesture for me to proceed.

When I thanked you, I received an even bigger and warmer smile that made me forget any troubles that I may have had.

Do you know that for the rest of my day, all I could think about was that great big and warm smile.  It was more than contagious, it fixed every thing. When I had difficulties with what ever during my day, that toothy smile came back to me and things weren’t so difficult after all. Especially since I carried a smile myself thinking back on my unexpected encounter. You shared your positive spirit with me, and I hadn’t expected that.

What am I to do? I wish my generation was like yours. I think things would be different but alas, you would come along and prove there is better.

You give me comfort in knowing that when the clock runs out on me, you will carry the mantle of caring, proving that past selfish generations are a failure and that others should be so lucky to follow in your path.

I don’t know how you have put together the perfect behavior, nor do I care. I just hope that your replacement generation, pays attention to you.  Regardless of their acceptance of you, just keep to your giant heart. It will lead you to greatness. This I know in my own heart.

Thank you for being you. You make me happy and so especially proud. This world has no idea what’s coming and will become so warm and welcoming because of you. Don’t ever conceal that beautiful smile because you just will never know who may need it.

Until next time Dear Next Generation, Do try new things safely for you and your generation.

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