They Hate You

Dear Next Generation,

I have been so busy of late and haven’t written to you in a while. I’m sorry for that, but it doesn’t mean that I haven’t been thinking about my favorite generation. In fact, I’ve been somewhat worried about you.

It is my duty to assist you in any way that I can in becoming the greatest generation ever. I enjoy doing that.  I’ve just neglected one large detail. I’ve rather been avoiding the subject. It’s hard for me to tell you that you’re hated for being you. But it is my duty to tell you everything so, they hate you. There,  I said it, so let me explain so you won’t feel bad.

You have been so very successful because of the choices you’ve made. You are kind, gentle, and caring. Your positive spirit is contagious and warms all around you. This makes me proud. Please continue with your ways. This is just something to consider.

So, by trying to be perfect, and I emphasized trying, you are creating an enemy. This is the oversight and blunder that I’ve made by not warning you. I’m sorry, so let me try to explain.

There are always two opposing, opposite forces. Hot-cold, high-low, big-little, light-dark, positive-negative, good-evil. That last match up concerns you.

You only know how to do good, which is a very unique thing. You were born that way. Your positive soul has been handed to you to protect and share. It’s a big light that brightens your way.  Unfortunately, it also can attract enemies.

I know that you don’t see an enemy because of the good that is inside you, but I need to make you aware of an opposing force that would rather make your light as dim as possible. It makes the alternative, deceitful, hateful and careless world look as bad as it really is. So you can see how it’d be best to hide it, for them.

Every time you share your positive and good spirit, you light the way for someone else. This also increases your own warm soul. Please don’t ever stop. This populates the world we share with comfort which makes living in it a joy.

You can probably tell that I’m dancing around telling you about the enemy.  I am.

It’s difficult for me to tell you something dangerous and so important.  I have to, so I’ll do my best.

The job of the dark world is to ensure no light, or truth can be known about it. After all, light would destroy it. You don’t force your light (truth) on the dark, but it doesn’t go both ways. The opposite of you is always trying to change you. They would rather you stop being so charitable since that spreads positive light to others. They whisper, “Isn’t that contribution to that beggar better spent by you? Can you really afford that since you have bills yourself? That person didn’t smile back or even thank you for holding that door, then why do it?”

Where do these sounds in your ears come from and how do you fight them. More so, why should you?

When you were born, your light was so beautiful that everyone that saw you and it, couldn’t help but feel happy and smile with you. As you grew, people around you offered reasons to give up being that child. The truth that you displayed from innocence, is hard to handle for those that might have never had it, or actually lost it.

You have encountered people, friends or associates that suggest something that, on first blush, just feels wrong. They may add reason to soften your dislike and use the friendship to ensure that you agree. You might go along but still feel it’s wrong.

This isn’t just peer pressure, it’s an attack on your light. Your positive soul can expose their ways and enlighten others to what is wrong. In the end, you minimize their importance. They need for you to be beneath them. This is the reason for the false smile and reassuring measures to encourage you to go against something already inside you. Your inside says no.

How do you fight against this?

You may ask whether this is right or wrong. You may question the motives of these so called friends. You may wonder, “Why are they asking me to go against myself?”

I ask You, where do those questions inside you come from? Why do you ask whether this might be wrong or right?

This answer is as beautiful as you. It’s that brilliant light that you were born with.  It’s always been with you and has never left. There will always be light and truth inside you.

Whether that beginning light can still be seen, has only one caretaker to thank. You are too smart for me to finish that sentence.

So let’s think about that enemy. Weren’t they also born with a beautiful light and warmth? Yes, most were born with the same assets as you. So why can’t you see it?

As you go through life you are given reasons to let go of that child and join the adults. You shouldn’t trust strangers. You should look out for only yourself. Even friends can’t be fully trusted. People are just in your way. This world would be so much better if it weren’t for people. I bet you’ve heard that one.

Isn’t that so cold and dark? That’s what they’ve learned to be normal and want you to accept it. They may not mean for things to be so lonely but have never been shown there’s a better way.  It used to be different.

Yes there was a time when people kept more of what they were born with throughout their lives. And yes, it was a gentler time. So what happened?

People began agreeing with those whispers that have always been there. Too many didn’t say no. Others saw this and being weak already, went along.

Here we find a lone standout that has the courage to say no. After all, every thing starts somewhere.


You have retained so much of the light that you were born with. You stand out, un-afraid of the repercussions of being different, being good.

You know this somehow, someway. It’s the reason that yours will be the greatest generation ever written about. I feel warmth in knowing that you will propagate this quality for generations to come.

So keep saying no when your light tells you. Keep being you and enjoy being you.

I am so proud of you.

Until next time Dear Next Generation, Do try new things safely for you and your generation.

P. S. Here is a great read that gives another point of view, and a personal reflection into the subject of this letter. I know you will love it.

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