The Power of Forgiveness

Dear Next Generation,

I have missed you but I’m aware of your works. Every time I observe you, my heart swells with pride. It warms my soul when I see you set a high standard. I just thought that I should share a powerful tool to add to your already impressive arsenal.

In my last letter, I mentioned enemies that want to distract you from your great purpose. I ask that you not disagree with your light that you were born with. I ask that you trust yourself. I see that you already do this. This is awesome.

But while I thought about you, I realized that you understand there are some that want you to fail. I also know that you can handle those attacker’s attempts at covering your brilliant soul.

Something you may not know, is that not all enemies are real. They only follow the crowd and just want to fit in. They don’t have enough strength of character as you do and need reassurance from peers. Those peers don’t have the light that you do and get followers to do their bidding. This makes them feel bigger.

Unlike you, they are weak and when something doesn’t go their way, they strike without thinking. All they want to do is feel as good as you do about themselves. They see you as the reason for their unhappiness. They don’t look inside like you do. They have followed a line of thinking that hasn’t satisfied their needs. They believe they can’t be wrong in their choices.

What I want you to understand is that these are not real enemies, only people allowing themselves to follow a misleading, weak way. They don’t have an original thought. Without that leader they wouldn’t know what to say.

So do they deserve your forgiveness? Should you?

Even though it’s hard, the answer is still yes.

You can still feel the hurtful things they said. It’s clear in your mind that they don’t like you. You definitely disagree with me right now and that’s alright.

Is keeping these thoughts inside you healthy? Are you better off not allowing them redemption? Does it make you feel better keeping up the war that neither of you can win?

Of course not. It’s hard being the bigger person but only you can handle that.

Are you guaranteed that if you step up and forgive, they will hug you with gratitude?

Not at all.

The benefit is that you will have removed negative thoughts from yourself. It’s almost selfish for you to refuse to fall into the pit of sadness that their attacks are trying to do.

Even if they don’t accept your generosity of forgiveness, you will have freed yourself from the hatred that can make you sick. You will be able to move on and what’s best, grow.

Here is the power of forgiveness. It frees you and allows you to focus on more important things. Those thoughts of retaliation no longer clutter your mind. You won’t need that better come back.

What to do if they continue their attacking, hateful way?

What  does it matter? You’ve moved on and are making great strides at success. There isn’t time to dwell on past problems. You have great things to accomplish. This could only be a stumbling block. You are too smart to get caught up in it.

There is power in forgiveness, be it selfish. Something that you also give when you forgive, is an example of why you’re so happy with yourself. Remember that those that don’t like you want what you have. Happiness that comes from within. You show this with your ability to forgive. You are setting the bar high and sticking to it.

There aren’t many like you but it only takes one. Where else will people learn where  real happiness comes from?

So stay strong and keep being you, the trendsetter of things that helps others. It’s OK to help yourself along the way with the power of forgiveness.

I am so impressed with you, I thought you may like this new tool.

Until next time Dear Next Generation, Do try new things safely for you and your generation.

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