GIGO – Garbage In Garbage Out

Dear Next Generation,

How has my favorite generation been? Doing a knockout job, no doubt! You always amaze me. I’m glad you’ve found the time to read my letter, I know how busy you are. I won’t keep you long, so you can get back to being successful.

I was reminded of a method that I was taught long ago. You know, when there was no internet, no cell phones and the only smart device was a human. Not exactly horse and buggy time but near that in simplicity.

Back then computers were as big as a house and I wanted to learn them. More to the point, I wanted to tell them What to do, Not just use them.  They couldn’t really do much, only as instructed, and exactly as instructed.

There was this computer science professor that told the class that I was in, that if you put garbage (data) into a computer, you’d get garbage (data) out. I was fascinated. I know, early hominid geek, go ahead, giggle and get it out of your system.

Now how in Gods green earth does this apply to you? You may be thinking that I’m missing more than a few lug nuts and running on wobbly wheels.

Well I assure you that you will understand in a moment. Stick with me and then you can open the pasture gate.

You’re an extremely intelligent generation so I figure that you’ve already surmised the computer thing is an analogy for the rest of this letter. Good, because you’re right again.

So back to you, what goes into that magnificent computer brain of yours, comes out with your spin on it. Not exactly garbage in, garbage out, but very similar. Your instruction set is written by you along the way.

The difference between you and any computer today is that you are in control of the input. Computers have to be fed information by their human handlers. They can’t say, “I’d rather have this data for dinner instead of what you’re feeding me. “

You can say that.

And what is data? Any information that arrives to you waiting on your acceptance. It could be a suggestion, or a command, or even a kind word. It’s all in how you process the data that determines what comes out of you. That’s that instruction set you’re working on.

So to help you understand where I’m coming from and to forget the old fool thought,  I’ll show you the benefit of this letter.

You, as a brilliant computer that man can only wish to create, receives data all the time. This letter is an example. You read it and decide on how it will come out the other end. The other end being what you do with the data. You can choose to dump the information and go on processing the next data stream that you will also choose to engage with. Key here is choice.

You can’t un-hear or un-read or even un-see something. These streams of data demand your attention and live and die on your acceptance. This is how a fad is born or not. This also, is how a behavior is socially accepted, or not.

You digest so much data that computers are envious of your skill. What makes a generation great, like yours, is the ability to reject, after careful consideration, certain data that is meant to harm the recipient. In today’s terms, a virus.

You’re ability to choose the input changes garbage in to no longer garbage out. You are the gatekeeper to what your end result becomes.

In regards to you, I’m not worried because you select wisely that which is allowed inside your conscience, while those around you may be gullible to snake oil salesmen. Their offerings of magic beans will be processed by them, and their output will suffer.

Your skill at rejecting bad advice or information, could help them. You may not understand how you do it, but just a gentle nudge in the right direction makes all the difference.

You need all of your generation to come along to greatness and that can’t happen without your help.

You have seen your peers led astray to drugs and a dismal life. That information about that life was chosen to be accepted and processed by them because others agreed.  There wasn’t that one that by example, showed rejection was an option.

Your skill at selecting what will become your outcome is the reason yours is the greatest generation. When the input goes against your magnificent spirit, the input dies with you. Propagation of bad ideas have to learn to not go near you least they find their end. You see now, how you amaze me.

This letter is also input, hoping for your acceptance. Your determination of the usefulness of it, is just that. Yours!

So I ask that you always be the gatekeeper of what is allowed to enter and possibly be your outcome.

Your choices have always been strong, stand with what guides you because it’s working.

I hope that you still don’t want to open that pasture gate for me.


Until next time Dear Next Generation; Do try new things safely for you and your generation.


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