Teach To Learn

Dear Next Generation,

What a fine day it has been today, especially since the thought of you replacing me is always on my mind. I take great comfort in knowing this and it makes my days easy.

I am writing you to encourage more of a behavior that I see you already know and do. Just another reason how you make me proud.

I am talking about how you readily share or teach others things that make their lives better and more fulfilling. Nobody has to prod or bribe you to assist in a simple thing like sharing information.

I’m sure you’ve experienced people who feel their knowledge is just that, theirs and no one else’s. They live a cold life of selfishness and sometimes solitude.

We can feel sorry for their choices and people can’t always change. That’s ok because we’re talking about you. You’re  not like that. Sharing comes naturally to you.

In order to encourage the wonderful behavior that is already in you, I want to show you how this actually benefits you while you do it.

That’s right, it benefits you just as much as the recipient of your giving of the information.

In sports there’s a thing called “Muscle Memory “ in which an athlete teaches a muscle to respond a certain way when called upon. After lengthy training, the muscle expects the command and reacts without the owner thinking about it, or just barely suggesting it.

When you readily offer assistance or accept requests for help, your brain has to recall the teaching and devise how to present it. While that brain, muscle as some call it, repeatedly does this, it get easier for the owner of the brain to use the information for themselves because it becomes second nature.

The beauty of this is that each time that you are helping others with knowledge they don’t have, you are re-enforcing something that you already have. You are becoming stronger in that knowledge and better for it.

You see, the first time you teach something, you may not be comfortable with the topic but after a couple of times, it just rolls off your tongue like it needs to get out. When that happens, you have to control it so it doesn’t overwhelm your listeners. You also continue to  fine tune the knowledge to make a better impact without the need to fluff it up. You just become a better teacher and a better person.

I should also mention how you will feel when the receiver of your teachings see a path previously unknown to them, a way through a difficult time. Their fears and difficulties are more comfortable now because you freely shared information.

How did you receive that information you generously share in the hopes of helping? It’s probably hard to  remember at this point and more so, doesn’t matter. What matters is how you freely share it.

Consider this;

I have a colleague that told me he noticed his infant daughter just developed a little personality and is smiling all the time. To him, this happened overnight. What he didn’t know was that his daughter didn’t know how to smile until he showed her. He shared how to react by being the first to do so. The result shouldn’t have been surprising.

To you, my favorite generation, you are benefiting immensely from your generosity and becoming the greatest generation ever written about.

The intent of my writing is to bolster your selfless generosity with a selfish reason. My favorite generation should have all knowledge possible to continue their path to greatness. Call me biased, it’s true.

I’m extremely proud of you, I hope you know this. I also hope this sharing of information, helps you, as an example. Also as an example, I feel wonderful knowing now that I’ve shared something that could help you.

Until next time Dear Next Generation, Do try new things safely for you and your generation.


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