Six Reasons Yours Will Be The Greatest Generation

Dear Next Generation,

I find myself bursting  with such pride in you that I had to write you to be sure that you knew this. I can’t keep it hidden.

I have always remarked on your natural ability to become the greatest generation, but this time I want to show you.

So please allow me to get down to the facts, as it were. Thank you.

Number 1

You take such great strides to learn new and useful things. Be it another language, or just how to use a tool. You know having this knowledge will, in the end, only help make things easier. You are a good student allowing yourself to be taught so you can add your special insight after having a firm understanding. You have an insatiable appetite for knowledge and benefit immensely from it. Some call you genius, but you know it’s just an attitude. This is a strength you have. You are learning.

Number 2

You know how to care about yourself. You understand your strengths and work on your weaknesses. This makes it easy for you to care about others. You know that it’s human for you to have weaknesses so you don’t blame others for having them too. Your kind and gentle heart is observed by others around you which encourages others to be like you. There can never be enough of kindness and you ensure it continues. You are caring.

Number 3

You give respect when respect is due. In doing so, you earn respect for yourself. You know that you cannot expect respect without knowing how to respect in the first place. No one holds another in high regard unless that person is respectful to begin with. You say Please and Thank You just as you were taught, except you understand the importance of it. You show respect and receive respect.

Number 4

You prove that you are trustworthy by holding a persons trust in you in the highest consideration. You will not fail their trust for any reason. This is because you are proving that you can be trusted also. You expect that if you place your trust in someone, they will treat it equally. When that doesn’t happen, you give second chances. Trust is a sacred and easily damaged thing. You protect it. You are trustworthy.

Number 5

You always put yourself last when speaking. You say “Mary and I..” instead of “Me and Mary..”. You prop others up without bragging about yourself. You don’t ensure others are forced to see or hear your accomplishments. You are shy and embarrassed when they speak highly of you but are the first to boast on someone else. You are humble.

Number 6

You try. You don’t make excuses for anything concerning you. You put your best foot forward in every adventure. You love the challenge of anything presented to you. Your goal is nothing but success. Your drive is sought after in the workforce. Many want the job but only you own it. Your accomplishments are never given to you, but solely earned. Your beautiful smile comes from satisfaction of simple effort applied. You try and you do.

These are a few of the reasons you will become the greatest generation ever. I am so proud of you, knowing that you do these things. My generation and others are in awe and could only wish to be as great as yours, the next great generation.

Until next time Dear Next Generation, Do try new things safely for you and your generation.


Editing by Lunaria L Moon OFT

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