One Brick

Dear Next Generation,

My best friend, Lunaria L Moon OFT, would like to offer some helpful advice and is a guest author for you to enjoy. Check out her blog when you have time. OFT

Although you make the best choices, I’d like to offer a different approach to success. I’m not suggesting you change anything, just hear what I have to say and decide at the end.

You should know that I love you and want only the best for you. You also know that I would never suggest anything that I didn’t believe to be the best for you. This is one of those things.

Success is not quarantined for anybody that seeks it. It can be an elusive goal that only the determined might achieve. Even then it might disappear in a puff of smoke after trying your heart out. Success is not kind to the weak. Success eludes the best.

So you try for success, as you should, but is there a way to conquer a very difficult adversary that would rather you fail?. I’m glad you thought of that because there is.

Success is large and defined by you. Whatever you might want to achieve, it’s not supposed to be easy. If it were easy, everyone would have it. And if everyone had it, it wouldn’t be sought. It would lose favor.

Not everyone has it, so you seek it. Rightfully so, you know you can have it. But what’s your plan? How can you conquer a very difficult thing? I’d like to give a way to tackle any difficulties that come your way, including this hard choice.

A goal can look large and unobtainable on the outside. It can stand tall and challenge anyone to best it. Using its magnificent appeal, it ensures no one will challenge its success. After all, it’s something worth trying for. To protect itself, it must look large and unobtainable. Seeing it in totality forces you to agree.

The suggestion I have is to break it down.  Sure it looks large and imposing, but it didn’t start that way. Actually, before it was magnificent, is was one small brick. A thing that a single person could pick up and control. That person had the power to place it in the final vision that now looks overwhelming. Prior to that, it was just a brick, that by itself, was nothing.  It became something because it was placed as a part of something bigger.

Everything starts somewhere, even goals. You can look at the end as huge and just too difficult,  or you can can see a small brick becoming part of a beautiful building.  Without that one small brick, the finished product would look incomplete.

When you want to achieve anything, tear down the result into little pieces that you can pick up and put down. Those pieces will be the steps you walk to achieve your goal.

When you see a powerful challenge that you wish to overcome, look to the smallest pieces that make it seem too big. Overcome each on your way to the total finish.

In this way, nothing is too big or impossible to surmount.

All things started small and grew like you are doing. With this knowledge, mountains will cower at your feet and what you choose to accomplish, will become yours.

So it is to this end that I challenge you to look at your goals and see the house for the bricks. Look at each brick. Conquer each brick at a time and soon you will find yourself at the top of a skyscraper of your own achievement. I will see you at the top.

Until next time Dear Next Generation, Do try new things safely for you and your generation.

Thank you, Lunaria L Moon OFT

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