Anonymously With Love

Dear Next Generation,

I write you today to be sure that you are prepared. I want for you to be strong when words are used in a way that the only purpose is to hurt. Those words will come from a place that has no recourse, no means of context. Online.

This form of attack is new to me since the advent of anonymity provided by the web. But for you, it’s the new way for others to spew hate. This is something you will deal with as I am late to the party.

In my day, eyes met when words were used to inflict pain. Facial gestures added to the sword.

Literally facing someone that you disagreed with changed the choice of words, so fighting words were reserved for the most extreme cases.

Today, however, you may have to “face” someone protected by a keyboard and monitor. It’s not the same.

I had it better when I could see the conviction in the eyes, above the mouth. You may never have that benefit that I did. This is why I want to help when you face a faceless attacker.

Words hurt.

This is true and the intent. The only way a textual weapon can do damage is when you believe what is written. There you have given power to the author.

Take it back.

No they won’t do that but you can take back their power. Their power only is as you allow. The hurt they drove into your heart won’t go away. But if you bleed because of their hate, you will have lost.

There’s a reason they wanted to hurt you.

They enjoy the reaction from you and pretend they actually performed a physical act against you. They live in a false reality and need justification. They are jealous that you are doing something that they could only hope to achieve.

Silence is a fearful weapon.

Let them stew while they await your reply. There may be more insults to trick you into interaction. This just shows their impatience at a desired outcome.

Hold that thought.

It’s hard not to tear into the faceless attacker. You may think that it would make you feel better by jumping in but please hear me, they have plenty of prepared come backs on their clipboard ready to paste against you. This can’t happen unless you reply.

Silence is more powerful than cheap shots, which is all they have.

I am sorry that your generation doesn’t have the benefit of eyes meeting eyes in a disagreement. I know things are different so these things that I have suggested, also worked when eyes did see eyes.

Stay strong Dear Next Generation, they are sad that they can’t be the greatest generation and that’s just not your problem.

“An arrow meant for the heart will not find it’s mark when that heart is enormous, confusing the attack that sought a small target.”

Until next time Dear next generation, don’t be afraid when you’ve kicked the hornets nest by being true to yourself. Those wasps will always circle back to home when defeat is near.

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