Unforgivable Sin

Dear Next Generation,

I write to you to protect you from a mistake. Most don’t consider what I’m about to tell you as important . They weren’t taught it. You need to know this because I care about you, my replacements. In fact I love you. The importance of this will become clear.

When you make a mistake, you expect those that love you to forgive you. After all, you’re only human and making mistakes is natural. How else are you to grow?

What if there was a mistake that couldn’t be forgiven? What if the expected “That’s OK” didn’t happen?

Is it possible for someone that loves another to not be able to forgive a mistake?

Think about those that you love. What could you do that would be hard, or even impossible, to forgive?

The best way to understand this is to describe forgiveness.

Forgiveness from one that loves another is an act of taking on that other persons mistake to ones self and burying it in their love for them.

With so much love for another, it’s easy to accept a mistake and forgive them. It hurts but only because of the love for them, the pain goes away.

So how is it possible, if you truly love someone, to not be able to forgive? How much pain from absorbing their mistake is too much?

If you truly care and wish to not cause pain and force a love to forsake you , I will explain. If you don’t, stop reading here and now. You will have a knowledge that can’t be unlearned. By knowing this you are forced to abide by it.

You are warned.

Now that forgiveness is explained, the unforgivable sin is next. It’s real to those that love you and care about you.

Think about the strength of your parents love for you. You sit atop a pedestal in their eyes. You bring joy to them. Their love grows with you.

In love, they have taught you the ways of right. They described a way for you to succeed. They taught you these things only because they love you.

Knowing is something given. Make a mistake because of not knowing is understandable.

If you know that what you’re about to do is wrong and you do it, how can you expect those that love you to place that mistake against their heart and erase it on your behalf?

The pain from honest mistakes is bearable because of deep love for you, but when that person has to burden a chosen mistake, an avoidable one, how are they to bury it?

Love has limits as I’m sure you’ve experienced.

The unforgivable sin, be it to God or anyone that loves you, is knowing it is wrong but doing it anyway for any other reason.

Ask yourself how you could forgive a loved one that knew this would hurt you but chose to do it anyway?

If you could forgive that, you’re bigger than all that came before you.

Instead, humans and God would rather not be put in that position where chosen loved ones knowingly hurt them and expect forgiveness.

Painfully, the answer is no.

You won’t receive forgiveness but still inflict pain. How much giving in forgiveness can you expect?

Because you know this now, you’re never exempt from it. When you choose an action, ask yourself, will I hurt those that love me and did I go beyond forgiveness?

If you choose against those that love you, you have chosen to be unforgivable.

Think on this Dear Next Generation.

Until next time, I’m going to keep loving you until I can’t.

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