When the Sun Returns

Dear Next Generation,

I was having a difficult time the other day and thought about you. This example is something that I hope can help you.

One day, everything  went wrong no matter what I tried to do to make it better. I felt as if I had angered the Gods in some way. It was one of those days that probably would have been better if the floor hadn’t felt my feet.

Without that option, the day broke anyway. I had no idea that this day was going to find a way to challenge me. It wasn’t just a stubbing a toe kind of start, although that happened too, it was everything that could go wrong, did.

My coffee machine overflowed creating a nasty mess of grounds and pale liquid all over the counter top. Only after cleaning it up did I realize there was no coffee left for me.

My furry friends decided to have a party during the night. Their escapades somehow sent their food everywhere except their bowl. Another not me moment happened when I asked who did this. Didn’t matter, I have yet to see them clean up. As I cleaned that up too, they looked at me like I was stupid. Oh I thought about leaving it empty to punish them, but those pleading eyes destroyed me. Not a guilty sorry or even thanks but just “How could you?”, so I didn’t.

Good thing I get up early because that was a lot of nonsense taken care of already but yet, not over.

Coffeeless, I went outside to pick up my newspaper. Yes I enjoy reading print and start my day this way. It jumpstarts my brain. I’ve allotted time for this with the coffee that I don’t have right now.

Guess what? No paper. I look around and see a nice clean driveway, only paperless. I stand there expecting a vehicle to drive by and hit me in the head with it.


I sludge back inside to do what? I have no idea. My routine is broken. Might as well go to work early. I hoped Murphy had enough fun with me for one day.

Apparently not.

I won’t bore you with the details of what I do for a living but like everything else that day, it wasn’t meant to be. No matter how hard I tried, nothing went my way.

That too long of a work day, finally allowed me to return home.

Thinking that I had returned to safety, I entered my house welcomed by more furry escapades.

This was also cleaned up without the help from the party animals.

I was exhausted and turned in early. This day had tried me and taken my energy.

While I was struggling and then thought of you, I wondered  how can I use this to show you a way to achieve success? I decided just to share my lesson with you.

I hadn’t remembered how to deal with a wrong day until I woke the next morning. It was then that I realized this was a new day and yesterday’s wrong day is now in the past.

During Murphy’s day, I shouldn’t have focused on the wrong things because that made them stronger.

There were successes that day. I failed to recognize them which allowed the failures to take over.

You see, it’s all about where you place your focus that dictates the outcome. Even though I didn’t do this, I was kindly reminded of it when the sun came again the next morning and welcomed me to my new day.

You and I won’t always remember to focus on the positive. Especially when so many negatives pile up. But positive thoughts always erase unwanted negatives. Perhaps with practice, we will remember.

I must leave you for now because the sun is setting in preparation for tomorrow’s great day.

Until next time Dear Next Generation, Do try new things safely for you and your generation.


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