You Can, Now That You Know

SalmonJumpingHello and I’m sorry it’s been a while but I’ve been doing the things that I’ve been trying to relay to you. It can take up a lot of time but I haven’t forgotten about you.

I realized that I overlooked something.

By accident, I asked a question that I thought was understood. I assumed everyone worked with this principal.

Even though I believe that yours is the greatest generation yet to be, for reasons that I have stated before, I see there is something that either wasn’t passed down or just not included in your generation.

I prefer to blame my generation for this mistake. I think that we thought it so natural that there was no need to teach it. Although we displayed it by example, it’s such a subtle thing that it requires teaching.

Again, our mistake and one that I would like to correct right here.

Since it’s so subtle I can’t just jump right on it because you may disregard it’s importance. That would be terrible.

Let me start with a few examples that may show this point.

Consider a fish in a stream.

He swims with the current because it takes up too much resources to go against it. He goes where it takes him and hopes there is food along the way.

If there is not and the current just shoves him ashore then he may fight to return to the water but if the current is too strong he is finished.

All was well until heavy rains changed the way the current behaved. The fish knows nothing of the rain, only the struggle it has caused and now finds himself in a pickle.

Now think on the Salmon.

He does as the fish his whole life and even ventures out into the ocean. That keeps him safe from wild currents but at one point in his life he chooses to go back into the unpredictable current.

He even goes against the current using vast resources to do so. That would seem counter-intuitive to survival.

However, passed down to him is something that drives him to overcome whatever stands in his way. In fact, he will die trying to do this and the sad thing is that his reward is death anyway.

I know that seems a pointless life but there is a bigger picture.

One more example to be sure that you understand.

A majestic lion is a perfect hunter and provider for her brood. Her skills are part natural and part learned.

The learned part comes from failures and what is perfected comes from successes. She teaches her cubs by showing only the successes.

They may fail but have an idea where to start.

Why does the lion care to show the cubs how to hunt?

Wouldn’t she be better off using her resources to ensure her own survival?

Yes she is ensuring the survival of her species just like the Salmon but how are they successful at it?

There are still Salmon and lions in this world and they don’t live forever. How do they achieve the continuation of themselves?

In one word, it’s a Goal.

You can look around and see many goals already achieved. You are reading this on a goal that somebody sought to achieve.

That thing that I mentioned in the beginning is that my generation did not pass down how to achieve goals.

We just boastfully showed you our and past generations successes and possibly, selfishly hid the failures required to achieve them.

That thing again is goal setting and stubbornness or stick-to-it-ness.

In thinking, that’s impossible to show. Even more impossible to describe without making oneself out to be perfect.

What wasn’t passed down was the how. Just “See what we did?”

You can’t see determination until there is a result. The desire to go against the current for a reason only you know and something that can’t be seen until accomplishment is necessary.

You can have what you want when you envision the how.

We humans have a minds eye that can map out the how. We can try ideas in our heads and try to prevent failures.

We also can can act on our ideas that we have thought out. There’s no guarantee they will work. But the process of trying to make them work separates successful from failure.

Do try.

I ask your forgiveness on behalf of my generation for overlooking this most important quality that is not natural.

You can recreate this in yourself by observing creativity around you and asking how. Your natural intelligence will answer you.

Until next time Dear next generation, forgive us for this oversight and think on how you will teach this to your next generation.

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