The Well

Dear Next Generation, I hope all is well with my favorite generation. I’ve been contemplating a thing to share with you and decided that you are ready.

This “Thing” is personal to you and me. For that matter, to all but most won’t realize the value. That’s where you are different. Just another reason I feel comfortable sharing.

To describe this is best to compare it with something more familiar. For example a baby and an adult.

Some known properties of an adult is forward thinking and preparations for what may come, or in general, measured reactions. In contrast, a baby is always in the moment. Whatever upsets or makes him happy is only good for a short period of time. A baby is fast moving with no regard for what may happen next.

This is an example of us if we break it down to the two main parts that make us who we are.

The first major part is our brain. To this I will attribute the characteristics of a baby.

Our brain will rush into things without all the facts, at first.

Only after a long time and with learning will it be a bit slower to reactions of this nature. Our brain is impatient and ready for something new before the last something new gets old.

You might see how the brain can be compared to the baby now.

All the while the brain is acting like a baby, there is an adult in the room, occupying the same space.

That adult is the body.

The body is also a major organ that makes us who we are. Actually, the body does the heavy lifting to keep the brain able to be a child.

The body has no say in the antics that are this moments idea of the brain. It just tries to do as instructed by whom other but the baby.

Surprisingly to the brain, the body knows better but again, has no say.

So the body becomes an adult long before the brain. This can be observed in puberty. Awkward is not the body’s fault.

The point that you are screaming at your reading device now is this;

The brain will always be the child and the body will always be the adult.

The problem is the brain being a child will always say there’s tomorrow and the body will eventually be not able to comply.

The brain is never ready for this revolting news but eventually has to listen. The requirements placed on the body become unanswered. A new message may arrive in the busy brain’s inbox. Pain or indifference to demands.

The brain took it for granted that the body would always be there.

And then it wasn’t.

But tomorrow?

The childish brain thought there were endless tomorrows.

The childish brain didn’t ration her time.

The childish brain never knew it was bound by a body until it went to the well one too many times.

The point in different terms is simply do today because tomorrow is not guaranteed, the well may be dry.

Most will not see this value and fall in the late life surprise of numbered tomorrows.

For my favorite generation, I have confidence that you can grasp this thought and use it to make each tomorrow priceless, which it is.

Until next time Dear next generation, do try new things safely for you and your generation.

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