About Me

Hi! Thanks for stopping by. This has to be the worst subject for me to write about. I don’t like attention drawn to me. I’d rather write about things you can enjoy. After all, I’m a rather boring person. Even though I’ve lived a very full life, on face value I’m average Joe.

I do have a peculiarly that might make me a little different than an average Joe. I’m what’s called an old soul. I see things differently because of all the deja vu. It’s really hard to surprise me with something new. It may be my first encounter but I always have this feeling that I’ve seen this before.

I have always sought out new worlds of information, to go where no man…. wait this is not TNG. Even those episodes didn’t surprise me, maybe because I watched the original series. Sorry, I’m laughing at myself right now, focus boy.

Back to it, being an old soul, I really did seek out new things. I felt I had to and still do to this day. I feel that I am blessed with prior, or old knowledge. That drives me to share it. Also being old when I was born, I understand that the only thing permanent is change. Your life is so very different than mine and that’s OK. I still believe that some of the old things are very pertinent to your current life. I offer them up for you to agree or not.

So I’m an odd ball of sorts, but there are others like me. I run into them every now and then. If you are a fresh soul, that’s fine. There’s nothing I can offer to an old soul. Maybe you’re the first of a new old soul and what I share, you will one day share too. It could happen.

Now you know who the strange guy is behind these posts. Strange is a label I give myself. So if you don’t mind, please just entertain this old soul for now. I might one day offer something you can use and didn’t know. I would like that.

Thanks again and have a great day!