Living With Losing

Dear Next Generation, I am sorry. This is all that someone not in your shoes can say. It feels shallow because it is. No one can understand how you feel. They try to make you feel better with their words and mean well, but it still hurts. They didn’t help at all. You’d rather be … Continue reading Living With Losing

Teach To Learn

Dear Next Generation, What a fine day it has been today, especially since the thought of you replacing me is always on my mind. I take great comfort in knowing this and it makes my days easy. I am writing you to encourage more of a behavior that I see you already know and do. … Continue reading Teach To Learn

GIGO – Garbage In Garbage Out

Dear Next Generation, How has my favorite generation been? Doing a knockout job, no doubt! You always amaze me. I’m glad you’ve found the time to read my letter, I know how busy you are. I won’t keep you long, so you can get back to being successful. I was reminded of a method that … Continue reading GIGO – Garbage In Garbage Out

Makers and Takers

Dear Next Generation, I’ve been thinking about you again. I trust that this letter finds you in good health and spirits. I wish you well and remind you of how proud I am of you. My thoughts drifted to a subject that I realized most of you seem to already know. Some of you do … Continue reading Makers and Takers

The Power of Forgiveness

Dear Next Generation, I have missed you but I’m aware of your works. Every time I observe you, my heart swells with pride. It warms my soul when I see you set a high standard. I just thought that I should share a powerful tool to add to your already impressive arsenal. In my last … Continue reading The Power of Forgiveness

They Hate You

Dear Next Generation, I have been so busy of late and haven’t written to you in a while. I’m sorry for that, but it doesn’t mean that I haven’t been thinking about my favorite generation. In fact, I’ve been somewhat worried about you. It is my duty to assist you in any way that I … Continue reading They Hate You

A Little Piece Of Sunshine

Dear Next Generation, I write to you today with an extra special feeling of pride. I hope this letter finds you happy and successful, as you should be. When the greatest generation finishes the work you started, you can relax and watch your next generation grow. I am amazed with your work. I had to … Continue reading A Little Piece Of Sunshine

Judge Not

Dear Next Generation, It has been a while that I last wrote to you and I am sorry for that. I have a good excuse but it doesn't matter. I do think of you often and had to send you another note. I wanted to share a story of caring with you. I know that … Continue reading Judge Not

Listening to Silence – Suddenly Unplugged

Dear Next Generation, I had an experience the other day that I thought you might enjoy. Frankly speaking, I was forced into it. When it was over, I realized there's more to what we see around us. We pass by small things that can’t possibly matter while we struggle to achieve success. Only large and … Continue reading Listening to Silence – Suddenly Unplugged

You Promised College Would Make It Better

Dear Next Generation, It has been a little while that I last wrote you, and I am sorry for that. It’s not that I haven’t thought about you, I sometimes lose control over my time. So much has happened since our last correspondence but I’d like to pick out one thing that you’re interested in. … Continue reading You Promised College Would Make It Better