Don’t Expect What You Can’t Give

Dearest Next Generation, I have been absent as of late and I apologize for that. I really have no valid excuses. I hope you have been well and prosperous as I expect you are. I wanted to share something that might taste bitter at first but knowing you, understanding will come. I'll jump right to … Continue reading Don’t Expect What You Can’t Give

Time Immortal

Dear Next Generation, Thanks for taking the time to read my letters. I know some things that I have written you have been dismissed as suggestions from an an old soul that don't seem to relate to you.  That's perfectly okay. I write to you only as a offering of knowledge that I would hope … Continue reading Time Immortal

GIGO – Garbage In Garbage Out

Dear Next Generation, How has my favorite generation been? Doing a knockout job, no doubt! You always amaze me. I’m glad you’ve found the time to read my letter, I know how busy you are. I won’t keep you long, so you can get back to being successful. I was reminded of a method that … Continue reading GIGO – Garbage In Garbage Out