Don’t Expect What You Can’t Give

Dearest Next Generation, I have been absent as of late and I apologize for that. I really have no valid excuses. I hope you have been well and prosperous as I expect you are. I wanted to share something that might taste bitter at first but knowing you, understanding will come. I'll jump right to … Continue reading Don’t Expect What You Can’t Give

Anonymously With Love

Dear Next Generation, I write you today to be sure that you are prepared. I want for you to be strong when words are used in a way that the only purpose is to hurt. Those words will come from a place that has no recourse, no means of context. Online. This form of attack … Continue reading Anonymously With Love

The Power of Forgiveness

Dear Next Generation, I have missed you but I’m aware of your works. Every time I observe you, my heart swells with pride. It warms my soul when I see you set a high standard. I just thought that I should share a powerful tool to add to your already impressive arsenal. In my last … Continue reading The Power of Forgiveness

Daggers and Spears – Oh Dear

Dear Next Generation, I once again thought of you when I was observing folks the other day.  What brought this up was a simple reaction that I witnessed. It’s not that I haven’t seen this before, but that I realized the greatest generation doesn’t do this.  I commend you for that. I was in a … Continue reading Daggers and Spears – Oh Dear