Six Reasons Yours Will Be The Greatest Generation

Dear Next Generation, I find myself bursting  with such pride in you that I had to write you to be sure that you knew this. I can’t keep it hidden. I have always remarked on your natural ability to become the greatest generation, but this time I want to show you. So please allow me … Continue reading Six Reasons Yours Will Be The Greatest Generation

Makers and Takers

Dear Next Generation, I’ve been thinking about you again. I trust that this letter finds you in good health and spirits. I wish you well and remind you of how proud I am of you. My thoughts drifted to a subject that I realized most of you seem to already know. Some of you do … Continue reading Makers and Takers

The Power of Forgiveness

Dear Next Generation, I have missed you but I’m aware of your works. Every time I observe you, my heart swells with pride. It warms my soul when I see you set a high standard. I just thought that I should share a powerful tool to add to your already impressive arsenal. In my last … Continue reading The Power of Forgiveness

Judge Not

Dear Next Generation, It has been a while that I last wrote to you and I am sorry for that. I have a good excuse but it doesn't matter. I do think of you often and had to send you another note. I wanted to share a story of caring with you. I know that … Continue reading Judge Not

One Day There Will be….

Dear Next Generation, I am writing to you from my travels and I have a break here in Michigan before I return home. I have been thinking about you. When I work away from home, I encounter many people of various generations. I see the very old and the little ones. I see so many … Continue reading One Day There Will be….

Good As Gold – A Tangible Intangibility

Dear Next Generation, I hope this letter finds you in good health and happiness. It has been a short while that I last wrote you. I just felt the need to say that I will try in a meaningful way, to give you guidance in the form of suggestions or by example. I will not … Continue reading Good As Gold – A Tangible Intangibility

Material Respect Without Being Materialistic

Dear Next Generation, Welcome back. Thanks for allowing me to give back a small part of my life. Your generation is on the path to becoming the greatest yet. I’m so glad to be able to assist in that. Thank You. Today the discussion is about the world of things. How to place value on … Continue reading Material Respect Without Being Materialistic

Yes Please.

Dear Next Generation, Welcome back and Thanks again for allowing me to share my generation with you, for you. This time I would like to speak of something that is dying. Something that at one time was overwhelming and maybe a little too common place. You could say it was taken for granted that it … Continue reading Yes Please.