Then and Now – Financially Speaking

Dear Next Generation, I see some fantastic things you have accomplished and am so proud. These successes don’t surprise me but I can’t help boast about you. It’s a joy watching you become the greatest generation. I trust you received my last letters. Delivery can be questionable but in my heart, I feel you are … Continue reading Then and Now – Financially Speaking

Daggers and Spears – Oh Dear

Dear Next Generation, I once again thought of you when I was observing folks the other day.  What brought this up was a simple reaction that I witnessed. It’s not that I haven’t seen this before, but that I realized the greatest generation doesn’t do this.  I commend you for that. I was in a … Continue reading Daggers and Spears – Oh Dear

One Day There Will be….

Dear Next Generation, I am writing to you from my travels and I have a break here in Michigan before I return home. I have been thinking about you. When I work away from home, I encounter many people of various generations. I see the very old and the little ones. I see so many … Continue reading One Day There Will be….

Good As Gold – A Tangible Intangibility

Dear Next Generation, I hope this letter finds you in good health and happiness. It has been a short while that I last wrote you. I just felt the need to say that I will try in a meaningful way, to give you guidance in the form of suggestions or by example. I will not … Continue reading Good As Gold – A Tangible Intangibility

Fast – I wasn’t ready when you said “Go”

Dear Next Generation, I hope this letter finds you in good health and happy. I am sure your work is profitable and I hope enjoyable. I wish you could be here with me but I know that would be a step back in your endeavors. So instead, I'll write you as often as I can … Continue reading Fast – I wasn’t ready when you said “Go”

H.C. A boy, a Generation Ago

Dear Next Generation, Hello again. I hope that success has joined your days as I know it will. I’m excited to share something with you today that makes me feel good while going through my life journey. Maybe it’s something that might make you feel good also. While the daily struggle is at times, too … Continue reading H.C. A boy, a Generation Ago

Charity – Contagion Given

Dear Next Generation, I'm so glad you've chosen to spend a little of your time with me. I respect that. I hope things are going well with you and your generation. You are doing amazing things. I'd like to offer a little something to make things a bit more enjoyable. When I last wrote you, … Continue reading Charity – Contagion Given

Material Respect Without Being Materialistic

Dear Next Generation, Welcome back. Thanks for allowing me to give back a small part of my life. Your generation is on the path to becoming the greatest yet. I’m so glad to be able to assist in that. Thank You. Today the discussion is about the world of things. How to place value on … Continue reading Material Respect Without Being Materialistic

I Didn’t Know.

Dear Next Generation, Nice to see you again and thanks for spending some time with me.  This OldSoul would like to talk about something easy in this post. Well at least it’s something easy for me to share. This will be one of many posts that teach a lesson. I promise to focus on reason … Continue reading I Didn’t Know.

Debtors Prison

Dear Next Generation, Welcome back and thanks for letting this OldSoul share a little more. The title should frighten you and needs some clarification. Not so much to ease your fear but to provide an escape map and plan. There really was a debtors prison in the past. Those that didn’t pay their debts were … Continue reading Debtors Prison