One Brick

Dear Next Generation, My best friend, Lunaria L Moon OFT, would like to offer some helpful advice and is a guest author for you to enjoy. Check out her blog when you have time. OFT Although you make the best choices, I'd like to offer a different approach to success. I'm not suggesting you change … Continue reading One Brick

Then and Now – Financially Speaking

Dear Next Generation, I see some fantastic things you have accomplished and am so proud. These successes don’t surprise me but I can’t help boast about you. It’s a joy watching you become the greatest generation. I trust you received my last letters. Delivery can be questionable but in my heart, I feel you are … Continue reading Then and Now – Financially Speaking

Fast – I wasn’t ready when you said “Go”

Dear Next Generation, I hope this letter finds you in good health and happy. I am sure your work is profitable and I hope enjoyable. I wish you could be here with me but I know that would be a step back in your endeavors. So instead, I'll write you as often as I can … Continue reading Fast – I wasn’t ready when you said “Go”